Southeast Mo. State to make improvements to athletic complex

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Southeast Missouri State University is making major improvements to Houck Stadium and Houck Fieldhouse starting May 1, 2011.

The improvements include new turf, lights, and scoreboard to the stadium and air conditioning will be installed in Houck Fieldhouse.

"We have the turf that's going to be replaced which is an exciting project for us, we're probably eleven years into the turf it's time for us to replace it," Cindy Gannon, associate director of athletics, said. "We're taking the opportunity to upgrade our facility, and knowing athletics is hopefully a very important part of our university."

Southeast Missouri State Quarterback Matt Scheible believes that new turf will improve the quality of play.

"Sometimes we can account some injuries to this turf, and the new surface is definitely easier on our athletes' knees and ankles," Scheible said. "And that's not just the football team, the soccer team plays on here too."

Prep work has began to decide where the new lights will be installed. Bidding is still out on the other projects.

"We're just thrilled that athletics got included in on these projects, and a lot of these things we feel like are going to be major improvements for our program," Gannon said.

The improvements will affect many of the teams at Southeast Missouri State as both the football team and women's soccer team play in Houck Stadium. The volleyball team plays in Houck Fieldhouse and the women's gymnastics team hosts meets in Houck Fieldhouse.

"Turf is a good attraction just to look at, and it will make the stadium more beautiful," Scheible said. "The scoreboard definitely will do better than that 8th grade, middle school scoreboard we've got, so we're excited about it."

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