Leak Ender 2000

Leak Ender 2000
By: Amy Jacquin
Updated: 8/21/2003
It's billed as a "miracle sealer." Leak Ender 2000 claims to immediately stop leaks in hoses, gutters, pipes, pools, even walls and windows.
How many times have you turned on outside water, only to see water shooting from the middle of your hose? Not only is a leak annoying, it gets worse with time and ruins the hose. But before we trash the whole thing, we try Leak Ender 2000.
"Shake well until agitator ball in can moves freely," Amy Jacquin reads the can. "Make certain the surface is dry. Hold can 12 inches from the surface and apply a uniform coating. Wait 15 minutes and reapply if necessary."
We dry the leaky length of hose completely. And apply a coating of Leak Ender 2000. It's grey color makes it easy to see where you're spraying.
"Okay, now we wait 15 minutes," Amy says as she checks her watch.
Which passes quickly as we watch butterflies feast on the flowers of the Rose Garden at Capaha Park in Cape.
When it's time, we test the hose. But immediately water shoots out of the leak.
"I'm going to wipe it dry again, and spray a little less on this time," says Amy. "I'm afraid I might have applied too much, and made it hard to dry in this humidity."
Okay, time for our second test... Once again, water shoots out of the leak.
If Leak Ender 2000 can't plug a hose, we question its capacity to fix walls or pools. So wake up and smell the roses... They're definitely more pleasant than the fishy smell from Leak Ender 2000. It fails our test, and gets an F.