GE Wireless Security Kit

GE Wireless Security Kit
By: Amy Jacquin
College students will dominate dorm rooms very shortly. That may concern you, as they move away from home. But the Wireless Security Kit by GE may help settle your nerves.
The $15 Wireless Security Kit markets itself for Dorm Room Protection. Amy Brookover is a Sophomore at Southeast Missouri State University. She'll move into her dorm room next week, and is curious to see if this GE product is something she'll want to buy.
"You have a system for the window, one for the door, and this personal protection unit, which is like a keychain that if you pull the pin a loud alarm sounds," Amy Jacquin explain the product to Brookover.
We start with the window unit. Brookover decides on the best place to attach both parts of the alarm, and makes sure the window will actually open. She uses tape to stick the base to the window, and the magnetic bar to the frame. Directions say you have to keep both parts within 1/2 inch of each other to engage the magnetic seal.
When someone opens the window, the seal is broken and a loud, shrill alarm sounds.
"That's loud!" says Amy. "That would be annoying if your neighbor had one of these! But it would definitely wake you up!"
The Wireless Security Kit doesn't hesitate to sound just as soon as the magnet moves. This is a good time to remind you the university does not sell this product. You have to buy it on your own.
We move on to the door stop alarm. It's supposed to sound when the door opens and pushes the metal plate down... Jacquin waits until Brookover has it in place, and then attempts to open the door. They alarm sounds immediately.
"Wow that's loud!" Jacquin winces. "And it won't let me open the door any further, either."
"That would surely wake me up!"Brookover agrees. "It would also be good for hotel rooms, and situations like that."
Finally, we test the personal alarm which is made to hold your keys. When the black wrist loop is pulled the shrill alarm sounds.
"I could see it chasing somebody off," Brookover says. "But the only thing is, it pulled out maybe a little too easily. I could see it coming out in your purse, or something like that. Or going off accidentally in class!"
Overall, the GE Wireless Security Kit sounds quickly and loudly. Whether or not college kids would actually use it is up to them... But the $15 product works well. We give it an A.