Deadly Stabbing at Campground

Deadly Stabbing at Campground
By: Kate Scott
McCRACKEN COUNTY., KY -- A Benton, Kentucky man has been charged with murder, after police say a domestic disturbance turned deadly over the weekend.

McCracken County deputies were called to the Fern Lake Campground, just outside Paducah, around 1:15 on Sunday afternoon. That's where they found 50-year old Michael Taylor of Benton inside a camper with 38-year old Connie Morgan of Sparta, North Carolina. Investigators say Morgan had been stabbed several times, and died at the scene from severe blood loss. Taylor had also been injured, though deputies are not saying what those injuries are. "It was determined that there had been some type of fight between the male and the female subject," says Chief Deputy Terry Long. "It did involve a knife." Long also says that before Morgan died, she somehow got nearby campers to call for help. "Evidently, Miss Morgan had exited the camper from what we've been told, and had alerted some of the neighbors that there was a problem," he tells Heartland News. "And the call came in from somewhere other than where the problem was."

Investigators still don't know what started the fight. Officers say Taylor and Morgan were at the campground together, but they don't know the nature of the couple's relationship. The pair had been at Fern Lake for about two weeks.
On Monday, Taylor was being treated for his injuries at a Paducah hospital. Once he's released, he'll directly to the McCracken County Jail to be held on the charge of murder.