Cleaning Up Massac County

Cleaning Up Massac County
By: Arnold Wyrick

JOPPA, IL --What can you do when your neighbors yard, looks like a junk yard? Could you do anything about it if you lived outside the city limits? That's just a few of the questions residents, and some Massac County commissioners are trying to find answers too.
Folks living along Old Joppa Road say they've got an eyesore in their neighborhood, and they want it cleaned up.
"The value of our property no doubt has went down. I certainly couldn't sell my house, if that was what I wanted to do, for what it's worth. It would be worth a lot less, because of that property," says Mike Mescher of Joppa.
Mescher tells Heartland News that he's spoken with Massac County Commissioner Joe Childers about the problems, and health hazards on his neighbors property. Mescher says Commissioner Childers has shown some interest in cleaning up the county. But Mescher says he hasn't been able to reach the owner of the property.
Heartland News did talk to Stephen Castleman, and here's what he told us about the mess.
"We do have a plan to take care of it. And it is something that will require legal action against the tenant," Castleman said.
Meanwhile folks on Old Joppa Road will have to deal with driving by the over grown, tire cluttered, and garbage strewn property, on their way home.
"You dream of having a nice home, and then you feel so lucky, so blessed to have something, you try to take care of it," Mescher said. "And then something like this mess comes along, your hands are tied, and you have to watch a lot of what you work for go right down the tubes. It's really a bad feeling, it makes me sick," Mescher said.