Growing Together: Raising A Teenager




Growing Together: Raising A Teenager
By: Wendy Ray

Teenage years can be busy not to mention interesting for both parents and child, that's how it is for our "Growing Together" teen Madalyn Bruegging. The last time we saw Maddy in May, she was busy wrapping up school work and getting ready for the summer. She's had a lot of things going on, including the Miss Teen of Missouri Pageant.

Now, a few months later, the pageant's over and Maddy's got a few awards to show for it. As always, she couldn't wait to see her Nana, to tell her all about it.

Between the phone calls from friends, babysitting, school, singing, and church, you'll find Maddy and her grandmother, Gale King, who she so fondly calls Nana. "She normally comes to see me at performances. She always cooks for me and brings me goodies, I love that," Maddy says.

Maddy is one of three grandchildren, and the only granddaughter. So it's safe to say, her Nana loves to talk to Maddy about everything, including the Miss Teen Missouri contest she was in recently. "It was a great experience, meeting new girls, getting to know them," she says.

A scrapbook, titled "Walking Through Life With Friends," earned Maddy an award at the pageant for best scrapbook. She also won the personal development award, and her Nana's not surprised. "We're so proud of her because she's such a good student. We think she's one of the greatest grandkids ever," her Nana says.

It's the little things like looking through scrapbooks, eating cheesecake, and just a talk, that mean the world to Maddy and her Nana, and have molded this teenager into a responsible young lady. "We tease her because we have two grandsons so we tell her she's our favorite granddaughter," her Nana says. "I'm glad I got to know my grandmother better," Maddy says.

Maddy's also close to her grandfather. We weren't able to meet him Friday because he was at the doctor's office.