Watering Tips




Watering Tips

By Paul Schnare

Saturday, July 19, 2003 


Water thoroughly each time you water.  Make sure you put at least an 1” of water down each week.  If your soil is extremely tight, water to the point of run off, wait a few hours and repeat.  You may have to water 2 or 3 times per week at 1/3 to ½ inch of water to get the full 1” of water each week.


Water only when needed.  Stick your finger in the soil around your plants.  When the soil is wet, don’t water.  When the soil is dry, then water. 


Don’t assume that just because a plant is wilting that it needs water.  Impatiens wilt when temperatures rise, even if they have enough moisture in the surrounding soil.  Plants that have been overwatered for a long period of time will wilt even though there is plenty of moisture in the soil.


Water in the morning.  You will lose less water to evaporation at this time.  In addition, your plants will dry off before night.  Free water on plants at night is just the right condition for diseases to develop.


Keep water off of plant foliage if at all possible.  This will reduce the incidence of plant diseases.