Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover




Finishing Touch Personal Hair Remover
By: Amy Jacquin
Women and men have unwanted hair we need to trim. But it may not have to be painful, or put you in danger of getting nicks or cuts. The "Finishing Touch" personal hair remover promises quick and easy results.
Amy Jacquin asked lots of women to help test the $10 product, and couldn't find any who are courageous enough, or who have enough hair! So she settled for a couple of brave male volunteers.
Tony Hensley is a reporter for Heartland News. He's also a team player who helps out in any way! He voluntarily lets Amy trim the back of his neck.
"It says to hold it at a right angle, and shave in the direction of hair growth," Amy quotes directions as she starts shaving. "And if you pull the skin tight, it can help."
Makers of Finishing Touch promise it removes hair "instantly and pain free..." and claim it's great for face, feet, bikini lines, and necks.
"It is cutting, but it's not cutting it real close," says Amy as she continues working on Tony's neck.
It leaves noticeable stubble behind... but what it does remove, it removes quickly.
"It actually feels like an electric razor," Tony says.
The manufacturer claims it has "secret micro-technology that literally erases the hair cleanly and safely." The micro-technology looks like a nose-hair trimmer! And it comes with directions for "blade cleaning and replacement." Where there's a blade, there's cutting or shaving.... not "erasing."
"It's just exactly like a nose hair trimmer," Tony agrees. "So obviously it's not going to pull the hair all the way in, and get all the hair, like a razor would."
It doesn't hurt Tony, but he says it feels almost like we're using a rusty blade!
"It still feels a little coarse, like you didn't use a good blade when you shaved," he says, as he rubs the back of his neck. "You'd want to shave it closer than that, wouldn't you? Yea."
"And it could cause some skin irritation when you rub like that," Tony says as he turns his head from side-to-side. His buttoned shirt and tie are aggravating his newly trimmed neck. "That just feels weird to me. I wouldn't be satisfied."
Next Amy asks the 6 o'clock producer, Ian Philbrick, to try it on his eyebrows. He says it's a little hard to see around, but is able to trim his brow.
"You're a great sport, because I know you don't do this normally!" Amy laughs. "Did it hurt? What did it feel like?"
"It didn't hurt," Ian explains. "It felt like you were shaving. Like you do when you get up in the morning. Only this was on my eyebrows!"
Bottom line... it doesn't "erase" your hair. It does cut it, but it leaves stubble. However, you do not have to worry about cutting yourself, making it convenient around ankles, ears, etc... So the $10 Finishing Touch earns an average C.