Growing Together: Raising Grade School Children




Growing Together: Raising Grade School Children
By: Wendy Ray

A mom and dad both working, and raising a house full of kids. Does it sound familiar

? It's everyday life for our "Growing Together" family the Hagedorns.
When we caught up with them in May, it didn't take us long to see Rick and Kim are always on the go, running their children to different activities. There's hardly ever a time there's nothing to do, work and kids keep them busy. Now, a few months later,just because it's summer and the kids are out of school, doesn't mean things have slowed down. In fact, they've just gotten busier.

Catching up with all the Hagedorns at the same place is nearly impossible. 11-year-old Mark is busy with baseball; that's where you will find his dad Rick, who's one of the coaches. Across town, 8-year-old Blake has a game of his own; that's where you will find his mom, Kim, and his 10 year old sister Megan. As always, Kim's in the stands to cheer him on, but she can't stay for long. Even though Kim's a school nurse doesn't mean her summer's free, she picks up shifts at Southeast Hospital whenever she can. That's where the grandparents come in. Dick and Doris Hagedorn also go to everything they can for their grandkids. "These grandkids they like for these grandparents to show up, they play some pretty good ball," Dick says. But the summer months aren't just filled with ballgames, there's a lot of down time during the day.

Since both parents have to work, the kids stay with their babysitter Brooke, who's always there whenever she's needed. Even though their parents are always on the go, summertime for the Hagedorn children means hanging out, and having fun, and that trade-off is just fine for mom and dad.