Growing Together: A Full House




Growing Together: A Full House
By: Wendy Ray

Anyone with a house full of kids knows what it's like to always be running around meeting your kid's needs. That's how it is with our "Growing Together" family the Scotts

. The last time we saw Jana and Darrin in May, things were hectic. Jana was on medications to slow down her contractions, and Darrin was on crutches after hurting his knee while playing basketball. Another surprise; he baby decided he wanted to come into the world before his due date. Quinn Darrin Jay Scott was born May 17th. Now, a few months later, Darrin's knee is better and he's off the crutches, which is a good thing considering he and Jana have a lot of running around to do, keeping up with three children.

A typical day at the Scott's house consists of six year old McKinzie and her younger sister Maddie, who's two, playing with their mom and dad. The newest addition to the family, two month old Quinn, sits back and watches. "When we had one, we thought this is hard," Darrin says. "When we had two, we're like okay having one was hard but this is harder. Now that we have three, it's just what we're used to." Jana says it's hard sometimes to balance all three. "I feel like we're in a routine. If we stay in it, I wake up and do things and get some stuff done before they wake up. If we don't stay on our routine, I feel like the day just seems to fall apart."

The new baby hasn't just changed Jana and Darrin's routines, McKinzie and Maddie have had to do some adjusting. They love to help out with Quinn, but sometimes it's hard for Maddie to understand she's a baby too. "We just have to make sure she's not alone with him," Darrin says. "She may try to pick him up, wash him, we don't know what she'll do."

Other than wanting to help, and needing some extra attention sometimes, McKinzie and Maddie have adjusted well to having Quinn around, and have learned to be patient when Jana can't give them immediate attention when she's busy with the baby. But when things are just starting to become routine, Jana and Darrin will both have to go back to work. Darrin, the athletic director and boy's basketball coach at Notre Dame, and Jana, a school teacher in Jackson, start school again in mid-August. "That's going to be the key when school starts, getting everyone ready to go and get them out of the house," Darrin says. "That's going to be the trick," Jana says. "Can I get up, get everyone going, give the baby his bottle and get him to my mom's house because she baby sits?"