Growing Together: Raising A Baby



Growing Together: Raising A Baby
By: Wendy Ray

GAPE GIRARDEAU, MO -- Since February, we've been following five families through different stages of the growing process.

From raising babies to teenagers, the next five days at five we'll catch up with our "Growing Together" moms, dads and children to see how they're learning and living as a family.

We start off with Gloria and Darrin Sauerbrunn. In May, they were still getting adjusted to little Jacob's sleep schedules. Gloria also had to get used to going back to work as a teacher. Darrin and other members of the family were taking turns watching Jacob. It's safe to say the young couple quickly realized a child changes everything. A few months later, Gloria, Darrin, and Jacob are doing well. A teacher, Gloria is out of school for the summer, but it hasn't been all rest and relaxation.

Gloria has spent a lot of her summer at Southeast Missouri State University finishing her masters degree. "I had two classes. I was at school until two in the afternoon, came home, had homework for both classes." But all her hard work has paid off. Tests are over, and her final paper is in. "It's been a long time coming," she says. "I graduated undergraduate in 98 and I've been taking a few classes every year since then. There's a light at the end of the tunnel and a lot of relief."

Now that classes are over, Gloria spends all her time with Jacob, who's five months old. "It's amazing that just five months ago he was five pounds. We used to call him sack of sugar because that's how much he weighed. It's strange to think where will we be in two years, it all goes so fast," she says. So Gloria cherishes every moment she has with Jacob while he's a baby, and enjoys watching him grow. "He rolls and rolls until he makes himself mad. He's started to teethe. We haven't seen any come through yet though." But it won't be long before things get busy for Gloria, again. She goes back to work, as a teacher in Scott City, in mid-August. Jacob will go to a sitter for the first time; a big adjustment for both mom and baby. "I think it will be hard on both of us," Gloria says. "There will be multiple roles again, not just mom and wife, there will be more to do."