How You Can Be Part of the Show

There are more than 350,000 women in the KFVS12 viewing area. Nearly 130,000 of those are working women. All of them make buying decisions for their households. The Heartland Women's Show is designed to appeal to these women through

  • Seminars
  • Shopping
  • Demonstrations
  • Special guests
  • Displays
  • Samples
  • Games

You can make direct contact with potential customers at your very own Women's Show booth. Plus, your business and products can get regional exposure through an on-air television schedule that is included in the special Women's Show advertising package.

Why be an exhibitor?

  • 85% of Women's Show attendees have some role in household purchasing
  • 66% plan to buy products or services similar to those exhibited
  • 45% make actual on-site purchases while at the show.
  • More than 50% say they've been influenced to buy from direct contact with exhibitors.

October 21 & 22 are your dates to be part of this year's show.  For more information e-mail our Women's Show Project Director, Shirlene Krewson, call her at (573) 335-1212, or feel free to contact your KFVS12 Account Executive.  Click the headlines below for more information about being part of our show.