Coil Hose



Coil Hose
By: Amy Jacquin

It's pretty dry in some parts, and that means many of you are watering gardens. If you're tired of messing with kinks and a bulky hose, a "coil hose" may be what you need.

A coil hose operates under the same principal as a phone cord, supposedly shrinking back to size after it's stretched. "There's something wrong with it," says Carrie Walker, as she squirts it for the first time. "It's not coming out full force. It's kind of sloppy."

Carrie spends a lot of time watering her Cape Girardeau area flower and vegetable gardens and though the coil hose is barely pushing the water out, Carrie says it's not their water line. They're on a private water line, and have plenty of pressure. "The shower is kind of weak," she says about one of the settings on the nozzle attachment.

Comparing the $15, 30-foot coil hose to a traditional hose, you can see it's quite a bit smaller in diameter. "Let me see how far it goes," says Carrie, as she walks across the yard. The 30-foot hose barely stretches that far... and you have to keep pulling on it while you're trying to spray. "Usually you can make this lever hold the handle down, and you don't have to squeeze it to have the water still project," she adds. "This isn't working... probably because it's not getting enough water!"

The coil hose comes with this nozzle sprayer. We wonder if the poor performance is caused by the hose or the nozzle. So we test the nozzle on a regular hose, and it works much better.

"Let's see if it coils up," says Carrie as she walks back to the faucet. The more Carrie uses the coil hose, the more it stretches. She has to help it regain its shape, and then we notice the tangle, even though makers promise, "no knots." "It's tied!," she mumbles as she works to straighten the hose. "Just like a phone cord!" And before she finished, she had a second knot forming!

You press the handle and some water softly comes out. That's the only saving grace! It has poor water pressure, stretches out, and tangles like a twisted phone cord. The $15 coil hose tops out at a D.