Student suspended for taking BB gun to school

By Heartland News

PIEDMONT, MO (KFVS) - A Clearwater middle school student has been suspended for the rest of the semester for taking a BB gun to school and firing it on the school bus.

According to superintendent Blane Keel, on Friday an 8th grade student came to school with a BB gun in his backpack.   Superintendent Keel says the student kept it wrapped up in his backpack throughout the day.

Keel says on the ride home the student took the BB gun out to show it to someone on the bus.   That student allegedly asked if the BB gun worked and Keel says the student with the BB gun fired it into a bus seat.

Keel says the bus driver asked the student if he had something but we're told the student denied having anything until a principal threatened to call police.

Keel says at that point the student admitted to having the BB gun.

The student was taken into custody.

He has been suspended and when the suspension is over he will have to attend an alternative school.

Keel says no one was hurt.

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