FBI warns law enforcement about Barbie doll

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

MARION, IL(KFVS) - A new Barbie doll is becoming a hit this holiday season with kids. But not everyone is excited about the new toy.

This past weekend the FBI issued a warning to law enforcement agencies about a potential danger with the new Video Barbie Doll.

The agency cited a possibility of the dolls being used by people to make child porn.

The doll looks just like the other Barbies on the shelves, except for one big difference the new one has a video camera hidden on it's chest.

Once a video is recorded it can then be uploaded to a computer and even the internet. And that's where some parents in Southern Illinois have a problem with the doll.

"I think it's a bad thing to buy for kids because anyone could come up and offer it to the kids, it's just a wrong thing for kids to have," said Karen Russell of Benton, Illinois.

The Video Barbie is being marketed to girls age six to twelve. And it records a pretty clear image under normal lighting situations.

"My ten year old daughter wants one. She thinks it's really awesome. But it concerns me because it has a video camera," said Melissa Stengel of West Frankfort, Illinois.

"I don't want my ten year old putting things on the internet or trying to put herself on the internet. There's too many child molesters who use the internet to get to little kids. I don't like that and I don't want my kids exposed to it."

But, not all the parents who were out shopping in Marion on for Christmas presents for their kids on Monday afternoon, thought the doll was a danger to their children.

"It sounds pretty neat, I think the girls would like it. They like to take pictures and they like dolls. So I'm pretty sure they'd like it," said Jill Cameron of West Frankfort, Illinois.



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