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11-year-old's head crushed by tractor, he survives

By Crystal Britt - bio | email

VIENNA, IL (KFVS) - How did he survive? It's a question the parents of a local 11 year old boy continue to hear over and over again.

5th grader Dylan Singleterry of Vienna nearly died when a tractor ran over his head.

Doctor's still can't explain why he's still here.

On October 30, Dylan's family was using a tractor to get hay out a field. They took a break for supper.

"Before we could even get to the front door the tractor ran over his head", said Shelley Thomas, Dylan's Mom. 

Dylan and his 10-year-old brother Luke hopped on the tractor to play.

Dylan kicked it out of gear. His mom says Luke pushed his brother off the tractor, to save him.

Dylan has had a shunt in his head since birth.

He has had multiple brain bleeds, and couldn't afford a big bump on the head.

Luke says he was trying to protect his brother from hitting on oncoming tree, but instead he fell under the tractor.

"Luke was trying to pull Dylan up to the front gate, and at that time we saw his skull was crushed open and it was mushy on the left side he wasn't responding to us," said Thomas. 

An ambulance rushed Dylan to the local school where he was air lifted to a St. Louis hospital.

His parents had to make the drive, which to them felt like an eternity.

"The hospital would call every 15 minutes to say we needed to get there because Dylan wasn't going to make it," said Thomas. 

He was rushed into emergency surgery before his parents could get there.

"They had just taken him back when we pulled in the driveway. We couldn't see him, I didn't know if he was alive or what was going on," said Thomas. 

Three and a half hours later, he came out of surgery.

The injuries were severe.

The tractor tire alone that ran over his head weighed between 1100 and 1500 pounds.

"In a split second we could have lost him," said Thomas. 

His head was crushed, his face was broken in just about every way imaginable. Doctors said he would be hospitalized for at least two months, and may suffer severe brain damage or  paralysis.

Before long he was talking, and after only two weeks he was headed home.

"It's overwhelming. It's a miracle, and out and out miracle," said Ron Thomas-Dylan's dad. 

Dylan has obvious scars and injuries. He has to be very careful, and has a lot of therapy ahead and more surgeries.

He has some brain damage, but we couldn't tell. He seems like an average boy.

"I have six girlfriends," said Dylan Singleterry. 

His parents say the support of the community's been overwhelming.

They've received cards, letters, and prayers and financial gifts.

His parents are counting their blessings.

"God's still in the miracle business, here's some of his work right here," said Ron Thomas.

Dylan has a lot of rehab ahead, and faces reconstructive surgery in January.

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