Igia Straight N-Go



Igia Straight N-Go
By: Amy Jacquin

A lot of women with curly hair seem to want straight hair. That's the reason behind products like Igia's Straight N-Go. But will this iron take out the wave? Or leave you wanting to pull your hair out?
As a stylist at Elements Salon in Cape Girardeau, Linda Pietreface knows all about hair. And she coaches clients how to achieve the look they want at home. So she wants to know if Igia's Straight N-Go works.
"Should we time the two minute warm-up?" Linda asks.
We charged the cordless straightening wand at least eight hours before using it this first time.
"Switch the power on," Linda reads directions. "Slide barrel 3/4 of its length back into the other casing. Plates need to be closed while warming up."
Instructions say it'll heat up in about two minutes. But the Igia website claims it takes four minutes to reach 100 degrees.
"Open, and twist it to lock," she reads.
We decide to try it after a couple of minutes.
"Is it warm even?" we laugh as Linda holds her finger on the iron plates. "Yea, it's warm... But it's not hot! Ha!"
The Straight N-Go isn't hot enough to make much difference.
"It barely pulled some of it out," they comment, after Linda pulls it through a small bunch of hair. "That's not very straight!"
We even plugged the product in, to see if electricity helps it get any hotter. It doesn't.
"If you got a head of hair like mine, I imagine it would take you 4 and a-half hours!" Linda says.
Forget that! All the time in the world isn't going to help Igia's Straight N-Go straighten Linda's hair! In comparison, Linda uses her flat iron... just to show us how such a tool is supposed to work.
Next, Elements owner Madra Meystedt tries Straight N-Go. Her hair is barely wavy, and doesn't pose as big a challenge.
But Staight N-Go doesn't work on Madra's hair, either.
"It's just awkward for me, to have to do this," explains Madra. "And it's actually pulling my hair out. You can actually hear it getting caught!"
We've had enough. Igia Straight N-Go doesn't get hot enough to make a difference. Don't waste $30 on this thing... it flunks out.