Former Saline Co. Chief Deputy Todd Fort arrested again

By Julia Bruck - bioemail

HARRISBURG, IL (KFVS) -  Former Saline County Chief Deputy Todd Fort is back behind bars and doesn't appear for court.  Illinois State Police arrested Fort Wednesday evening.  He was taken back to the Jackson County Jail, where he had bonded out from about a month earlier.

On Thursday Fort was expected to walk into court for a preliminary hearing on a pervious charge.

Fort faces 10 charges of sexual assault and criminal misconduct. The state later amended one of those charges to a class X felony, which is the charge Thursday's hearing was to address.

But Fort's attorney, Bryan Drew, told the judge Fort had a medical episode Wednesday night and was in the hospital.  Drew says he went to visit Fort after state police arrested him. But says at the Jackson County Jail he was told Fort was in the hospital.

"I wouldn't put anything past anyone at this point," Drew said. "It seems as though every time we turn around the state police are claiming there are additional things. I don't know if either they hadn't done a thorough job before they decided to charge him or are just continually trying to find things."

Saline County State's Attorney Mike Henshaw alleges Fort violated bond conditions twice and had contact with the victim. Court documents show they allegedly had contact, as recent as, Wednesday.

Thursday Henshaw filed a petition to increase bail. He asked Fort's bond be set at $1 million.

That issue and Fort's missed prelim will be taken back up by the court next week.

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