Liberty Festival feeds thousands in Harrisburg

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

HARRISBURG, IL (KFVS) - A two day festival in Harrisburg feeds thousands of people for free.

This marks the sixth year that Little Chapel Church has hosted the Liberty Festival in Harrisburg has entertained and fed thousands of people during the two day event.

It's purpose is a simply one, says organizer Berry Steed.

"With this being Labor Day weekend, these are hard working people and some of them don't have a job. They don't get the chance to indulge themselves very often, so we decided to do somewhat what the bible told us to do and give it away," Steed said.

That's right everything at Liberty Festival is free.  Anyone can eat as much as they want and stay as long as they like.

The event draws thousands of people from across southern Illinois and throughout the Midwest.

There's donuts, chicken, barbeque, funnel cakes, corn dogs and hamburgers. There's even some Cajun Cuisine from down in the Big Easy for people to enjoy.

"We like to come up here each year and this is from way down south, it's real Cajun Cuisine. Maybe next year we'll mix it up and make beans and rice or something. But the people sure do seem to like the jambalaya," said Phil Thidadeaux of Lake Arthur, Louisiana.

The kids have plenty to enjoy too at the festival, with every inflatable you can imagine to play on, along with train rides and music to dance to.

Along with all the fun and food there's also a little time for some fellowship too.

"We come here every year to talk about Jesus and share God's love. It's really great to see everyone out here getting along with one another," said Aaron Hodge of Eldorado.

Nobody goes home hungry from the event.

"We're going to make sure for two days that people in Southern Illinois get something to eat, and that no one is alone," said Steed.

The event wrapped up on Sunday evening with a fireworks display. And organizers estimate they fed more than 10,000 people during the two day festival.

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