2 teens killed, four other teens injured in crash

By Heartland News

WAYNE COUNTY, IL (KFVS) - According to Illinois State Police, about 10:00p.m. Friday troopers investigated a two-vehicle traffic crash on U.S. 45 just north of Wayne County Road 200N.

Authorities say 18 year old Benjamin Ingram of Enfield, Illinois and 16 year old Taylor Cokley also of Enfield, IL died as a result of injuries they sustained in the crash.

A family friend of Igram's says he heard about the crash from a neighbor.

"She came and told me at seven o'clock this morning (Saturday) he got killed, him and his girlfriend both, hit a jeep head on," Terry Parman said.

Police say Ingram was driving south on Wayne County Road 200N when he crossed over the center line and hit a Jeep, driven by 18 year old William Yarnell of Fairfield, IL. 18 year old Andrew Atteberry of Fairfield was also in the Jeep along with two other teens.  All four are members of the Fairfield High School Football Team.

First responders rush the teens to Fairfield Memorial Hospital with serious injuries.

Fairfield Head Football Coach Justin Townsend says Yarnell was flown to a Louisville hospital, while another player was taken to Evansville for treatment.

"The reason they're alive is the all had their seat belts on, plain and simple," Townsend said. "We've talked to several emergency personnel and said that's the only way they survived the crash."

Townsend says his players were headed back from the Carmi football game. All four started for the Mules. Townsend says due to their injuries he doesn't expect any to walk back on the field this season.

"We have some other guys who are going to step up and get the job done," Townsend said.

Investigators say it's not clear what cause Ingram to cross into the other lane.  Police say neither Ingram nor Cokley had seat belts on. Family members tell Heartland News the couple was head back home to Enfield after finishing work in Fairfield.

Funeral arrangements are underway for both Ingram and Cokley in Enfield. Ingram's mom says her son will be buried alongside Cokley next week.

The accident is still under investigation.

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