Shark Cordless Sweeper



Shark Cordless Sweeper
By: Amy Jacquin

It'll pick up any kind of mess, on any kind of carpet or floor, and it's always hungry for more. Some pretty big promises by the Shark Cordless Sweeper. But is the Shark's bite worth $60?

Before you use the Shark Cordless Sweeper for the first time, you have to charge it for at least 16 hours. But once it's charged, it runs for up to 30 minutes.

The manufacturer, Euro-Pro, shows the Shark inhaling soggy vegetables, dirts, even nuts and bolts... And special side brushes guarantee to get right up to the wall.

We scatter some dog food, nuts and bolts half on a rug, half on tile....And see just how hungry the Shark really is!

It picks this up with just a couple of passes... But the Shark is so light-weight, the wheels don't spin smoothly... so sometimes it's jerky.

But all the pieces end-up in the plastic debris bin...

Don't get too excited yet, that was just the first course! We move on to some mushy olives, soggy dog food, and plain dirt... making sure to scatter it against the wall so we can test the Shark's edger.

The Shark continues to gobble up the garbage, but at a slower pace. It works better either all on the rug, or all on tile... but isn't heavy enough to work on uneven surfaces.

And it seems to sweep up bigger items better than fine dirt... especially when it comes to corners.

One nice thing is that the Shark can crawl under low spaces... fitting underneath a couch sitting about 4" off the floor.

But the sweeper is so light weight, it feels flimsy.

We spent about 20 minutes using the Shark... and could hear the battery winding down a little. You could not rely on this sweeper to deep clean your entire home. But it's light and convenient for small jobs, in-between touch-ups, or areas hard to reach by your regular vacuum.

The Shark Cordless Sweeper starts out strong... But it's made of such light- weight plastic, has a hard time picking up plain dirt on a hard floor, and is overpriced at $60.

So we generously give it a B.