New life for hospital that's been closed for five years

By Heartland News

CARMI, IL (KFVS) - There's new life for the hospital in Carmi.

It comes in the form of $3 million in state funds to help re-open the town's hospital.

It now means locals won't have to travel more than a few minutes for emergency medical care, compared to what they have been dealing with.

In some cases some were having to go as far as Evansville, Indiana for help.

The former owner of the White County Medical Center abruptly shut the doors in December of 2005.

Since that time the hospital has remained closed.

People in Carmi and the surrounding area were forced to travel up to thirty minutes away for care to the closest medical facility.

But, now the $3 million in funds being provided by Governor Pat Quinn under his capital funding program will bring medical care back to Carmi.

"It's so important for jobs and economic growth", said Governor Pat Quinn. "Very few businesses are going to come to an area, or stay in an area unless it has decent healthcare or unless it has a good hospital."

Once the renovation work is complete on the White County Medical Center it will employ more than 150 people.

The Phoenix Foundation in Carmi will oversee the reopening of the facility, and a representative with the foundation tells Heartland News they will put more than 20 people to work immediately to re-wire the building and clean it inside and out.

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