"Grandparent" scam circulating around Paducah

By Heartland News

PADUCAH, KY (KFVS) - Paducah Police say scammers are preying on parents' or grandparents' concern for their loved ones.

Officers say scam artists are posing as a family member in trouble or as an official representing the supposed family member in a bad situation.

The caller claims to be a family member in need saying they have been in an accident and need money sent to take care of the damages, or that they have been arrested and must pay several thousand dollars to be released. The person on the other end of the phone asks the grandparent to wire them money to help out.

If the victim sends money, the caller will usually try to get the concerned family member to send additional funds. They usually prey on parents or grandparents who the scammers know will act quickly to send money to save their loved one.

The scammers research the person they are contacting and can be very convincing – they may even have names of your other family members or information about the family to appear legitimate.

Should you receive such a call for assistance, please try and contact your family member through your own channels to verify their whereabouts.

Police say people have lost several thousands of dollars to this scam in recent days in the Paducah area.

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