More than 210 marijuana plants seized from Carbondale home

Ryan Edward Gorman (Source: Jackson Co. Sheriff's Dept.)
Ryan Edward Gorman (Source: Jackson Co. Sheriff's Dept.)

By Julia Bruck - bioemail

CARBONDALE, IL (KFVS) - People in one Carbondale neighborhood got a big surprise when they woke up Thursday this morning.  They saw their neighbor, of four years, in handcuffs and hundreds of marijuana plants on his front lawn.

Police arrested 28-year-old Ryan Gorman as part of a major drug bust. During the bust officers removed more than 200 marijuana plants from Gorman's home. Neighbors say they were shocked to hear of the drug operation.

"Surprised, really surprised," neighbor Malcom Morrison said.

For some 15 years Morrison has lived on Glopen road. He says it's usually a quiet neighborhood. But that wasn't the case early Thursday morning.

"My wife was getting ready to go to work and said there's something going on down the street," Morrison said.

Morrison says he went to out see what his wife had mentioned.  Just a few doors down, police removed dozens and dozens of marijuana plants from Gorman's home.

"For southern Illinois, an indoor grow, this is kinda big, it's not normally this big," said David Fitts with the Southern Illinois Enforcement Group.

Fitts says when it comes to marijuana plants, the type found in Gorman's home produce a much higher grade product.

"Every plant here is a Sensamia, which is about as good as you can get," Fitts explained. "By DEA standard, each plant will produce approximately about a pound. For the Sesamia on the street, a pound is going for $3,550."

To grow the plants, Fitts says Gorman set up an elaborate operation in his basement.

"This is a portion of some of the equipment he used," Fitts showed. "The fans, the duck work for the air filtration system."

Still Morrison says despite what police found, his neighborhood remains a good place to live.

"You have bad elements everywhere and this is just one of those things," Morrison said.

Police also found mushrooms in Gorman's residence. He apparently lived alone. Gorman was taken to the Jackson County Jail. He faces several drug charges. According to state law, if convicted he could only get up to six years behind bars.

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