Thursday morning on The Breakfast Show

Good Morning
Today is Thursday, August 26

What a great morning - it's in the 60's right now! Laura's up early with Jim and Lauren this morning and she's telling us it's going to be a pretty decent couple of days. you can even watch on-line till 7 to see her forecast.

This morning, we're learning of 2 tragic events that happened Wednesday. We have new details about a Dexter woman who has been killed in a motorcycle crash. On The Breakfast Show you will also see a new story about a 1-year-old infant who was run over in his driveway in Wayne County.

This morning Tyler Profilet is heading out to the conservation nature center in Cape to talk about their effort to reintroduce elk back into the wild.

Stephanie Byars looks into the problem of driving with distracting dogs! It turns out they may be just as dangerous to have in the car as it is to text while driving. See her story at 6:10 this morning.

Also - did you have the chance to watch the International Space Station fly over the Heartland last night? Many of you did and some shared pictures. Check it out on cNews and sent in your pictures or videos when you have something to share.

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