Breakfast could cost more

By Stephanie Byars - bio email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - They say it's the most important meal of the day. However it could get a little more expensive to enjoy that meal.

That's because two breakfast staples, bacon and coffee, could be going up on price. So what is the reason for rise?

According to Marketwatch, since June 1st, coffee futures have gone up in price by 25 percent because of bad weather in Central America and Colombia.

The recent Gulf oil spill is actually partially to blame for that.  Eighty percent of Smuckers production efforts is in New Orleans. The spill has added up to higher shipping costs into New Orleans ports.

There's no word on how much of those expenses will get sucked up by retailers or how much will get passed to you, but when one company raises prices, others typically follow suit.

However, now that things are getting back in order in the Gulf, that could help stabilize prices.

As for bacon, the cost of the breakfast meat is up a dollar a pound according to the Department of Agriculture.

The price of pork bellies is up 50 percent since June because U.S. farmers are shipping more of them overseas.

That's partially to blame from the big H1N1 scare, sometimes referred to as the swine flu. A name that meant bad news for sales in the United States.

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