Disturbing new trend: Vodka eyeballing

By Stephanie Byars - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - It's back-to-school time for college kids. This semester, a disturbing trend has hit YouTube and is getting more and more popular.

The videos show kids actually taking shots or vodka, and instead of drinking it, pouring it into their eye for a quick buzz!

They call it "vodka eyeballing."

Local college kids say they haven't heard of the trend.

However, Dr. Greg Leet of Leet Eye Care says, although he hasn't seen any cases himself, he is hearing more and more about it.

That's why he wants to warn college kids and their parents about how dangerous this really is.

"What we know is alcohol is 40 percent alcohol...so what's going to happen if I take alcohol and pour it in my eye" Dr. Leet said.

He worries about this trend as both an Optometrist and a father of three college-age kids.

He says besides the obvious side effects of a red, burning, irritated and maybe swollen eye, there could be some more serious consequences.

"This is a clear window, so if you scar the cornea, that's when you run into potentially permanent visual problems" Dr. Leet said.

He says those problems could be permanent.

"You are taking a direct pathway to the central nervous system. If it soaks in to the optic nerve which connect eyeball to brain then you could have a really big problem. Once that's gone, there's no repair there."

He says he'd tell his patients the same thing he'd tell his own kids.

"You're risking your visual well being trying to get a bit of a quicker high and there's got to be another idea better than that!" he added.

Some substance abuse experts say kids aren't doing this to get drunk faster, but do it when the effects of alcohol have already set in and impaired their judgement.

A lot of people are doing it more as a prank than a way to get drunk.

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