Marion community members work together to build a park

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

MARION, IL (KFVS) -Marion residents team up with Marion's Park District to rebuild John Willie Jones Park.

Hundreds of residents in Marion came together with a common goal on Saturday.

"The goal is to build a playground in a day," said Lisa Wilson with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

They were one of the corporate sponsors who teamed up with the KaBOOM organization to help with the park rebuilding effort. KaBOOM's nationwide goal is build safe places for kids to play outdoors.

"I think it's going to be a success because one of our goals, if we weren't able to get to our side  projects like the picnic tables, we'd make sure to get the playground equipment up and we were able to do that," Wilson said.

But, the neighbors aren't the only building a new park for the kids to play in, they're also rebuilding their community.

 "I think that we all care about each other. And we all want to see each other do well," said Gatha Moore.

"I also think it sets a good example for the kids. The kids are going to have a blast playing out here."

The kids weren't waiting around though for the park to get done. They were also helping out on the project. A number of kids painted murals inside The Boynton Street Community Center, that will be put in place once the park is done.

"It's really fun. I'm happy to get to be a part of this and to help paint everything. I wasn't old enough to help rebuild the park, but this is still fun," said Tarian Ferguson.

Neighbors worked side by side to get the job done.

The park in Marion was one of eight parks in Illinois that the KaBOOM organization is rebuilding this year.

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