Woman faces charges in dog dragging death

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Police say a woman who has a record of drunk driving now faces charges of killing a dog by dragging it behind a van.

Kristy Nelson admitted to police that she had five glasses of wine last Monday night before borrowing a friend's van, which had the man's dog tied to the bumper.

A Taylor County deputy sheriff captured the dog being dragged on his cruiser camera. When the van was stopped, he said the dog was still alive, but died before animal control officials arrived.

According to court records, this is Nelson's third DUI in four years. Besides the DUI charge, she's also charged with torture of an animal.

Nelson has pleaded not guilty. Her father says she should be punished for the DUI, but not for the dog's death, because she didn't know he was tied to the bumper.

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