Low-flying aircraft startles many in southeast MO

(File photo of a B-52 bomber)
(File photo of a B-52 bomber)

By Heartland News

WILLOW SPRINGS, MO (KFVS) - A low-flying plane that startled a number of people in southeast Missouri late Wednesday was apparently a military craft taking part in a routine military procedure.

"It was a B-52 military plane on a normal bombing run," said Craig Ponder, spokesman for Missouri Highway Patrol Troop G in Willow Springs.

Ponder, who said his information came from the Federal Aviation Administration office in Memphis, said he had "no idea" where the plane came from, nor did he know where it was headed.

Several people called the KFVS newsroom saying they saw the aircraft flying through Carter and Wayne Counties.  Some mistakenly thought the plane had crashed.

"It shocked me," said David Foster, who lives near Piedmont and said he noticed smoke coming from the aircraft.  "It was flying no more than 200 feet above my house."

Foster was relieved when he learned the pilot was not in distress.  "I'm just glad no one was hurt," Foster said.

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