Parents & students scared after fire at Delta High school

By Holly Brantley

DELTA, MO (KFVS) - Investigators are still looking for clues into the fire at Delta High School.

"We still need information," said Lt. David James with the Cape County Sheriff's Department. "We have interviewed a few people but we would welcome new information."

Authorities believe someone intentionally set the fire. Right now a picture from cameras inside the school provides only a murky image of the suspect.

"People in the community are scared," said parent, Cindy Kelley. "With no one arrested we don't know. We want to know what happened. We are all locking our doors and checking things."

"It's kind of scary," aid Myra Henson, a junior. "Just the thought that someone could go inside the school and set it on fire. Makes me wonder what if we were in it."

Superintendent Nate Crowden says the community doesn't need to worry. "There's nothing for the kids to be afraid of. The school is just as safe as it always was."

While there were some questions about a sprinkler system or automatic alarms, Delta Fire Chief Alvin Frank says the school doesn't have them. "They are not mandatory," said Frank.

"They have manual smoke alarms."

Superintendent Crowden says the new elementary building has both sprinklers and automatic alarms.

As for the investigation, he says the school safe was found in the hallway, and some money was missing from a classroom.

"Those two things make it look like money could have been the motive," said Crowden.

Investigators say they are still looking into how the individual got inside the school.

Meanwhile Crowden says his main objective is getting kids back in class.

"We have more than 300 kids all together," said Crowden. "They need to be in school. Clean up is going well. If nothing comes up we'll be back in on Monday."

Crowden says insurance is paying for clean up right now and hopefully they will pick up the tab on repairs as well. They will meet with adjusters Thursday.

Heartland news also contacted the State Fire Marshal's office. They tell us their reports and the investigation are still in progress.

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