Still no sign of man missing in Mississippi River

By Tyler Profilet

CAIRO, IL (KFVS) - Cairo Police are not yet releasing the name of the man who disappeared in the Mississippi River Sunday afternoon.

The water in the area is very fast and muddy making it tough to find the swimmer.

The 20 year old North Carolina man came to the Mississippi River bank around 3:00 yesterday afternoon to eat lunch with friends.

Cairo Police say he jumped into the water, went under, and never resurfaced.

The water is very turbulent, and the Missouri Water Patrol says even an expert swimmer would struggle in these waters.

"This is probably one of the worst swirls I have seen in this type of condition," says Corporal Terry Richardson with the Missouri Water Patrol.

"A swimmer would actually wear himself out trying to swim against this," he said.

And that's what Cairo Police say happened to the man.

Police Chief Tim Brown says one of the man's friends tried to jump into the water to help save him, but the current was too strong and he backed out.

The water patrol says it is in recovery, not rescue mode, although officials will not say the man is dead.

But the water patrol says recovery will be difficult.

"The conditions here due to the turbulence of the water is almost impossible because we can't tell if we're looking at the bottom because it's so muddy," Richardson said.  "And it's very hard to even find anything right now."

As the search continues into the evening, search crews will begin searching further down river.

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