The Whizzers Cordless Power Scissors -- Take Two

The Whizzers Cordless Power Scissors -- Take Two
By: Amy Jacquin
We exchanged our faulty Whizzers Cordless Power Scissors for one that runs. So we hooked back up with Cheryl Tuschhoff at Hancock Fabrics in Cape Girardeau.

Cheryl is ready to try the $13 Whizzers on a variety of materials. "Boy I don't like the way this sticks," says Cheryl, as she tries to unlock the handle.  It sticks a bit, but eventually unlocks. So Cheryl tries it on the thinnest piece of material.

"It bunched up," she explains, as you hear the motor bog down. "It bunched up again. And this is a lightweight fabric. It's 100% cotton, so it should go through this with no problem."

But the cotton continues getting caught between the blades. "I could actually cut it by hand faster!" Cheryl laughs. It takes a couple of minutes, but she eventually cuts the length of the material. It leaves a crooked cutting line, one scarred with little fuzzies.

"You can see it didn't get it reat straight because that's where it caught and held," she points out. "So it would be harder to cut around a dress pattern." But we're not done yet. We try a single layer of denim... But it doesn't take long before Cheryl calls it quits.

"I don't think you could cut across the grain on the denim," she mumbles.

The Whizzers slices through vinyl much easier.... maybe because there are fewer threads. But the Whizzers is no match for a cotton tee-shirt material.

"This is not a good thing!" Cheryl laughs out loud. "No, it's just going to catch and it would take you all day."

But the Whizzers slices through paper without a hitch. "It would be perfect for scrap booking," she says.

Our final test is the cardboard covering from a notebook. But the Whizzers bogs down.  "It just isn't going anywhere through that!" Cheryl exclaims.

So spend $13 on a Whizzers scissors if you clip a lot of coupons, or do a lot of scrapbooking. But don't count on it for anything thicker than construction paper. The Whizzers doesn't impress us too much, and we give it a D+.