Afternoon update: News on the Road in Perryville

Good afternoon!  We're going on the road today to Perryville.  Come out and join us for News on the Road at 5 at the Perry Park Center.  Laura Wibbenmeyer explores some of the town's tasty eateries.  Holly Brantley tells us about the soccer complex.

Marion police arrested a 17-year-old boy after three people were stabbed last night.

Joshua Kezer, the man wrongly imprisoned for more than 15 years for murder, has settled a civil lawsuit against former Scott County Sheriff Bill Ferrell and Deputy Brenda Schiwitz.

Local authorities team up with America's Most Wanted to try to capture a Metropolis man accused of sex crimes against children.

A recently compiled database ranks many Heartland counties near the top in chlamydia and gonorrhea cases in Missouri.  Tyler Profilet talks with the Butler County Health Department about the high number of cases.

A Missouri panel is considering nine nominations for spots on the National Register of Historic Places.  The nominees include the Common Pleas Courthouse in Cape Girardeau.

We have some pop up storms in the area.  Bob Reeves keeps us updated on the weather.