Gore Smells RATS in George W. Ads

George W. Bush says he doesn't think anyone is secretly adding subliminal messages to ads running against the Democrats. A Republican National Committee ad shows the word ``rats'' appearing on screen for a fleeting moment before the full word ``bureaucrats'' appears. The still frame from that ad is seen here. Aides to Democratic rival Al Gore gave The New York Times a slowed-down version of the spot. Bush says he hadn't heard anything about the controversy over the ad until this morning, but he says allegations of subliminal advertising are ``bizarre and weird.'' The man who made the ad says it's a commercial about health care, not rodents.

Governor Bush was in St. Louis Tuesday, and Heartland News set up an Exclusive interview with the candidate. In that inviter, Bush claims that it's an innocent coincidence, "it's one of 900 frames, and if you look at the tape, like we did, you'll find that it also flashes the word 'wit', and I don't think anyone would argue that I wish to call Gore a great wit!"