As boy recovers, town looks to oust dangerous dogs.

By Heartland News

HURST, IL (KFVS) -  Some good news about a young boy attacked Friday by two pit-bull mix dogs.

The chief of police in Hurst, Illinois, tells us five-year-old Winston Bankston came out of a medically-induced coma yesterday.
He was taken off a ventilator this morning, and this afternoon he was able to sit up and eat ice cream.

Winston underwent surgery on Saturday to repair the wounds on his neck; and a plastic surgeon has been called in to repair the damage to his face and legs.

Police say the dogs attacked Winston while he and his older brother were playing in a park.

Their mother had gone to get something to drink and was able to get the dogs away from her son.

A city worker who saw the attack drove his truck toward the dogs as if he were going to hit them; the police chief eventually shot and killed one dog, while the other was captured alive. 

Now the community of Hurst wants to ban all dangerous dogs and other animals from their community.

Hurst chief of police Ron Harvel was the first officer to respond to the attack on Bankston and now he wants to try and prevent that kind of attack in his town.

This is the second time the town of Hurst has proposed banning dangerous dogs such as pit bulls and rottweilers.

The chief says a supreme court ruling from a couple of years ago gives the town some more bite in creating such a ban.

Chief Harvel made the proposal to city leaders Monday night.

The Hurst city council will now take up the proposal and could vote on it at their next meeting on August 23.

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