Fredericktown prepares for new school year

By Holly Brantley

FREDERICKTOWN, MO (KFVS) - Fredericktown students head back to class on August 18. This year they'll be doing it with the addition of 18 modular trailer homes. The trailers will be a temporary fix for up to two years after fire destroyed the middle school building back on April 10.

"It's like a puzzle," said Dr. Kelly Burlison, Superintendent. "We're just ready for all those pieces to fall into place. We're looking forward to moving forward."

"The only bad part is we'll all be in different locations," said 6th grade math teacher Amanda Potton.

Local workers are putting the finishing touches on the buildings including ramps and stairs. There are six ramps at each campus with one grade level attending each site.

Sixth graders are located near the intermediate building, 7th graders at the primary school campus, and 8th graders near the high school.

"The first few days will be a learning experience," said Dr. Burlison.

School will start and end at the same time, they'll share a little bit with the main buildings at each campus for lunch and other times but for the most part the students will stay out of each other's way.

"I feel like they'll miss out on feeling like top dog a little bit," said Samantha Coonce, a senior. Her brother is in 8th grade. Now they'll be attending classes at the same campus. "He'll make the best of it," said Coonce.

Two juveniles were charged in connection with the fire. According to authorities at the regional office the cases are still pending and they will appear in court in the near future.

Meanwhile, Dr. Burlison says they plan to tear down what's left of the old school, and hopefully rebuild.

"We're confident insurance will take care of it," said Dr. Burlison.

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