Condition of boy attacked by pit bull dogs improves

By Heartland News

HURST, IL (KFVS) - The condition of a five-year-old boy attacked by two pit bull breeds Friday has improved.

Winston Bankston was brought out of a medically induced coma Sunday.

He was taken off a ventilator Monday morning and was able to sit up and eat ice cream for a few hours, according to Hurst Police Chief Ron Harvel.

Bankston and his brother were playing on the playground equipment when the dogs attacked.

The dogs attacked the boy around noon Friday at Village Park in Bush.  The boy's nine-year-old brother was with him, but their mother had left to go to their nearby home for refreshments.  On her way back to the park, the victim's brother ran to her screaming that his brother was being attacked by a dog.

The mother was able to knock the dogs off her son and grab him, while a Bush city employee who saw the attack drove the city truck toward the dogs to scare them away.

A Hurst police officer soon arrived and shot both dogs, Thomas said.  One dog was killed while the other ran off.

According to a separate witness, the second dog charged the officer at one point.

Williamson County Animal Control officers later found the other dog and it was euthanized.

The Hurst City Council will meet Monday at 7.  Chief Harvel will present an ordinance to make pit bulls & similar breeds of dangerous dogs illegal to own in Hurst.

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