YourTurn - 8/6/10

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Elmer Mansfield from Benton, Missouri:
"I am concerned about the vehicles going between the bridge rails (on Interstate 55). MODOT put cables up to prevent this from happening but it only prevents one side of traffic…I have lived in Benton for 19 years and at (approximately) mile marker 85 that bridge has taken about 12 lives."
Jim Toy in Paducah, Kentucky:
"The Breakfast Show continues to be my only source of news in the morning...if there is an important story from Kentucky, I know the news team will cover it…I really enjoy Mike Smythe's commentaries…two stories this week have me particularly riled…the Arlington National Cemetery story is a prime example…the plan was to place the records on computer…a mess was made and nothing accomplished. Both officials (in charge) retired. It will cost millions to correct their errors while they reap great benefits in retirement. (Next is the story about) people who camp in areas where there is the potential for bear attacks. (They) should sign a release that if they are attacked or killed that the bear should not be killed…let this be a lesson for those who choose to adventure into wild areas."

Heartland viewer Scott Labotte:
"I saw The Reps for Vets commercial and went to the website. It is a group of lawyers trying to get hooks into the disabled veterans money…we have free representatives such as the American Legion, the DAV, and others. Do not give your disability money to the lawyer system."

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