News On the Road-Perry Park Center, Perryville, MO

Heartland News went Live from Perryville, MO!

The Bank of Missouri Soccer Complex which began as a youth project by the Perryville Optimist Club in 1982 was to be the setting for Perryville live newscast. With 100° temperatures in the forecast, the station decided to move the broadcast indoors to the Perry Park Center.

Heartland viewers were able to cool off as they watched KFVS12's Heartland News at Five there live on Tuesday, August 10th.

Anchor Kathy Sweeney and the Heartland News Team took viewers on a tour of City of Perryville including The Bank of Missouri Soccer Complex along with the winning program at St. Vincent's it helped develop;  Perry Park Center; and much more in this vibrant and growing community.

Heartland News would like to thank the following sponsors for making our live newscast possible.

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