Wednesday morning on The Breakfast Show

Thanks for getting up early with Jim, Lauren & Brian!
Thanks for getting up early with Jim, Lauren & Brian!
There's the police car!
There's the police car!
That's where the smell is!
That's where the smell is!
There's the water!
There's the water!

Good Morning
Today is Wednesday, August 4

"It's hot - really hot! Back to you." If I were a meteorologist that would be my forecast on The Breakfast Show today. Good thing I'm not.

But I know we all want to know the proverbial question, "How hot will it be at my house?" Now while we might not send Brian and his thermometer to your house - he will give you his best try at forecasting for your area this morning. You can also check out Brian's morning blog for much more detailed information on today's weather.

This morning I'm working on finalizing the Missouri primary results - remember we're giving results for contested races. So if someone was running and there was no one challenging them we are not reporting their results.

This morning you should also take a minute to check out a few big stories I'll give my own headlines for from yesterday:
     - Dude - Where's my car?
     - Dude - What's that smell?
     - Dude - Where's the water?

Today Lauren is braving the morning heat and testing the Wash & Wax system. This car cleaning kit is supposed to be just as good (and easier) than good 'ol soap and water. Does it work? Find out at 6:15 this morning.

Be sure to stay cool and safe today. If you find a unique way to cool-off or see someone else doing something fun in the heat - snap a picture or some video and send it in to cNews - we might use it on the air!

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
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