Campaign 2010 Explainer: Missouri Health Care Freedom, Prop C

By Kathy Sweeney - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - Show-Me state voters head to the polls Tuesday and become the first in the nation to publicly voice their opinion on Federal Health Care reform.

Proposition C, also known as Missouri Health Care Freedom, is a statewide ballot measure aimed to block the Federal Government from requiring people to buy health insurance. It would also ban punishment for those without health insurance.

Missouri House and Senate members voted to put the measure on the August 3 ballot. This will be the first time voters in any state would have a say in blocking federal health care reform.

Voting yes on Proposition C means you want Missouri law amended to block that federal health care requirement.  Your "yes" vote would protect residents from penalty for refusing to buy private health insurance.  It would also give the Missouri Attorney General the authority and responsibility to defend any citizen prosecuted under that federal law.

Voting no on Proposition C means you reject the amendment.  Your "no" vote shows support for the Federal Health Care Reform Law and calls on Missouri to recognize its requirements and penalties.

Proposition C isn't only effort in Missouri to block Federal health care reform. Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder filed a lawsuit in July, challenging the law.  Kinder contends it exceeds Congressional authority.

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