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Yup - our temperature on-air says it's only 70 this morning! Enjoy it while you can.
Yup - our temperature on-air says it's only 70 this morning! Enjoy it while you can.
Thanks for getting up early with us this morning!
Thanks for getting up early with us this morning!

Good Morning
Today is Monday, August 2

It was so nice I have to share - this morning when driving my motorcycle to work I felt a chill in the air (even with my jacket). Sure it was in the 70's but compared to how hot and humid it's been and how hot it's going to be this week - it was very nice.

Be sure to watch Brian's forecast throughout the morning on The Breakfast Show and read his morning blog for much more information than you'll ever get on-air.

On the news end of the studio this morning Jim and Lauren have a full plate of new stories for you.
All morning:
     - We are watching the progress of BP's latest attempt at a static kill of the broken well head.
     - US Rep. Jo Ann Emerson comes to the SEMO Port - there could be a dredging agreement that'll affect the Heartland.
     - 1 day to go - Missouri voters get ready for tomorrow's primary - we are covering more than 50 contested races, propositions and ballot questions (especially Prop. C). Watch this morning and throughout the day as we look ahead to the big races and issues.

This morning on The Breakfast Show there are at least 3 other stories you do not want to miss:
     5:45 - "click yes to accept this agreement" - ever done this on your computer without thinking? Turns out this is called a "click-wrap" agreement that sometimes means you are agreeing to a very strange contract with a company.
     6:05 - Parents - is your house poison controlled? Take time this morning to watch this story as we outline not what you need to do to make your home safe - but what you need to know about the poisons in your home after something terrible happens.
     6:45 - Tik-Tok on Taxes - we lay out what tax breaks and laws are about to expire. These are creating a lot of controversy - check this out to better understand what's about to happen.

It's going to be a hot week - I know we say that a lot - but this really will be dangerously hot. Take time to check on your friends and neighbors as the mercury climbs to around 100 later in the week.

Duncan Phenix
Executive Producer
Heartland News

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