Governor Visits the Heartland

Governor Visits the Heartland
By: Ryan Tate

(Cape Girardeau, MO)--A fierce budget battle could be brewing in Missouri, after Governor Bob Holden vetos a third piece of the Legislature's proposed budget.
Wednesday, the Governor vetoed the Social Services Budget. This follows his vetos for the Health and Mental Health Budgets Monday and the Higher Education Budget Tuesday.
"This budget really sets what our priorities are as a state," Holden said while visiting Cape Girardeau Wednesday.
The Governor also spent time in New Madrid, talking with health care workers about his veto.
"He needs to park the plane and come back to the bargaining table," Senate Pro Tem Peter Kinder said. "It's regrettable the Governor is flying around on the tax payers money to make these vetos."
The Governor's vetos are expected to continue Thursday. He is expected to veto the Elementary and Secondary Education.