Whizzers Cordless Power Scissors Part 1




Whizzers Cordless Power Scissors - Part 1
By: Amy Jacquin

Electric toothbrushes, electric knives... now power scissors? The Whizzers Cordless Power Scissors is the latest infomercial gadget. But will it make the "Does it Work" cut?
Cheryl Tuschhoff helps manage Hancock Fabrics in Cape Girardeau. She spreads a good selection of fabrics down on a cutting table.
"This is light-weight cotton, this is medium-weight cotton, this is heavy vinyl, this is regular weight denim," she describes as she sorts through the pile.
All the material will be used to test the $14 Whizzers, a cordless power scissors that runs on batteries.
Cheryl is used to cordless scissors, but she can't make the Whizzers do anything! Amy Jacquin just put in fresh batteries, but she double-checks to make sure they're installed correctly.
"That would be right," says Cheryl, looking over Amy's shoulder.
They discover that by pressing in just the right spot on the side of the lever, the Whizzers works... for a second or two.
"That's all it does, it just runs for a short time," mumbles Cheryl, as she continues to look for a solution. "It almost sounds like the batteries are bad."
So Amy heads to the store to buy more fresh batteries, to make sure that's not the problem. Cheryl puts the new batteries in.
"It's awkward," she says. "They look crooked, but I think that's because it's curved."
Now for the big moment... Cheryl tries the Whizzers again... "Nope!" she laughs. "It must be a bad connection."
"Amy, we could chew through the fabric quicker than this!" laughs Cheryl
"I think what we need to do is give it the benefit of the doubt," says Amy, frustrated. "I'll exchange it in case this one is faulty, and we just have to try it again."
Sorry... you'll just have to wait for a grade! Amy will test this one again next week... look for part two.