Tornado Survivors Still Struggling

Tornado Survivors Still Struggling
By: Arnold Wyrick
(Southern IL)--Many families whose homes were damaged are destroyed by tornadoes earlier this month are still struggling to make it one day at a time.
For some, it's been an adjustment to make from living in a sprawling home, to the cramped quarters of a hotel or motel room. "I miss getting to do the everyday routines, like sitting on couch and relaxing, sleeping in my own bed," says Janine Bush who's been living with her 9 year old daughter in the Best Western in Ullin, since their home was damaged by a tornado on May 6th. "It's been hard on my daughter, because she doesn't have her own room to go to, and play with her things. And it's not easy to be cramped into one room all the time," Bush said.
But she's getting some help from the Shawnee Development Council in Pulaski County. "We have some additional funds to help with whatever their immediate needs are. Perhaps it's something maybe out of the ordinary, that they can't get, that maybe we can, and it helps," says Renee Kindle. " We've been sending food over to the Grand Chain area, and to Metropolis trying to keep things covered, and we've been assisting people with hotel rooms, and food. If we need more money we'll request more, there's always a chance that we will because the needs are great at this point," Kindle said.
There's a lot of paperwork that must be filled out each day by Janine for her, and her daughters needs. And even though she sometimes gets frustrated by the process, Bush says everyone she's asked for help, have helped her. "They've been really helpful, the Red Cross has been great, the Shawnee Development's been great, everybody's been nice," said Bush.
If you would like to contact the Shawnee Development Council to see if they can help you, all you have to do is call them at 618-634-2201. You will need to provide them with proof of your residency and the damage to your home, before receiving any financial assistance.