Search for Missing Man



Search for Missing Man
By CJ Cassidy

(Caruthersville, MO)--Rescue Crews are searching for a man who's been missing since Tuesday night, after his boat capsized in floodwaters southeast of Cauruthersville, in Pemsicot County.

26 year old Henry Slay was trying to get to his house with a friend, Stephen Young, when the boat they were in, turned over. "He was going to have to be at work in the morning and needed to get his supplies," his close friend Danna Babb said, between sobs. She still can't believe her friend is gone, even after spending all night near the Mississippi River backwater where he disappeared.

Rescue crews say the water has a very strong undertow making it unsafe for any boat to cross, let alone one without a motor like the one Slay had. "Young reported he heard his buddy screaming for help but when he managed to get to a log and turn around no sign of him anymore," Danny Dodson with the Pemiscot County Emergency Management Agency said.

In fact, it was Danna Babb who helped pull Stephen to safety. Crews now have the boat the two men were in, but they say the chances of finding Henry alive are slim.

But despite the odds they say... you just never know. "We plan to continue looking searching and dragging until we find him and that could take anywhere from an hour to a week," Dodson said.