Fredericktown: Small Town, Big Crowd

It's a matter of on-going discussion in the halls of the KFVS building: Just how many people showed up for Heartland News On the Road in Fredericktown? Some say 2-thousand, some even say 3-thousand. There was no official head count, but we do know there were a lot of people at the Jaycee park on September 7th. Heartland News anchor Dave Courvoisier was sure there was more going on than our show "They had a car show set up, a dunk booth, there was lots of stuff going on. I asked someone, 'what do you all call this fair?' He said it was all for Heartland News." We've had thousands of people show up for our On the Road trips this summer, but this was by far the biggest crowd. Even the high school marching band came to play, they number about 150 alone.

Mike Shain also showed us a little about Fredericktown's past:
The first french settlers came to these hills looking for silver. They found lead instead. People here are lucky to live in such natural beauty. The Madison County courthouse was built in 1899 by the same architect who designed St. Louis union station. The courthouse is a national register landmark. The last train stopped in Fredericktown years ago. Now, the historic station is a museum of transportation.