Relatives of missing Malden family still looking for answers

By Crystal Britt

MALDEN, MO (KFVS) - They've been missing now for two weeks, and still no sign of a Malden family who disappeared July 14th. Family and friends are growing more and more fearful with every passing day.

According to Dexter Police only a few leads have trickled in. Authorities are not any closer to finding Chris, Ashli and six year old Madison Rauscher.

Ashli and Maddie have officially been listed as missing persons.

"Our family's not complete without ya'll," said Robin Layne-Ashli's mother.

Feeling helpless, Ashli and Maddie's family makes fliers. They're working to circulate them all throughout the area.

"Trying to dig up someone who's seen them somewhere," said Layne.

"It's believed the Rashers are in a stolen car, one Chris allegedly took from the dealership where he worked in Dexter.

His wife Ashli and daughter Madison are believed to be along for the ride.

There's a warrant out for Chris' arrest, and according to Dexter Police both Chris and Ashli face trouble with the law if and when they're caught.

The main concern right now is the safety of six year old Maddie.

"We're not worried about what they've done (Chris and Ashli). We just want to know they're safe. I just need to know you're alive and you're safe," said Layne.

Ashli's grandfather, Maddie's great-grandfather says he has a special bond with both girls.

He wants to speak directly to them if there's any chance they're in the area watching or watching online.

"Maddie you know how much I love you. If you could just get word to Grandpa some way or another it sure would be nice", said J.G. Gregory. " (I) worry myself to death. I never know every night where you're at whether you've got a place to live or sleep. Have you got enough to eat?"

Maddie would be a first grader this year. She's set to start school in a couple of weeks.

"Maddie you call me. You call 911 and or call Nana. I'll come get you I don't care where you are," said Layne.

The family was last reportedly spotted at the Walmart in Blytheville, Arkansas. So far we understand the store has not for whatever reason released that video to police.

Heartland News did reach out to Chris Rauscher's family in Dexter, his mother says they haven't heard from Chris or the girls.

If you have any information on where the family might be, contact Dexter Police or your local authorities.

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