Vandals slash dozens of tires in Jackson County

By Arnold Wyrick - bio | email

VERGENES, IL (KFVS) - Knife toting vandals slashed dozens of tires at a P&M Construction company employee's home.

"I came home Sunday morning and I saw that everything I owned  had at least one flat tire," said Raymond Clover III.  "I just walked around for about an hour. And then I called the Jackson County Sheriff's Office."

But, Clover found out all the flat tires were no accident. All of the damaged tires had puncture holes in the sidewalls. Some of the tires had more than one.

"We're talking about 40-to-45 tires all flattened. An it's going to cost me about $5,000 to replace all the tires."

And now police are looking for who is responsible for all the flat tires.

"Right now we're looking at two felonies," said Deputy John Kilquist with the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

"Any damage under $300 is a criminal misdemeanor, anything over is a felony," Kilquist said. "And all the damage at this residence is a felony."

Raymond says he definitely feels that the vandals targeted only him.

"Nobody else in the neighborhood had any flat tires," Clover said.

"But, whoever did this also took a 5-week old Boxer puppy from my property too."

If you have any information about this vandalism in Vergenes, you're asked to please contact the Jackson County Sheriff's Office.

"A little tid bit of information that's all we're asking. Somebody knows something," said Clover. 

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